10 Days of Sickle Cell Awareness!

We are excited to join the rest of the world to celebrate the 10th World Sickle Cell Awareness Day! As such, we’re launching a 10 days Sickle Cell Awareness Campaign, starting today June 10th to June 19th. During these ten days, we will share memes, quotes, poetry, pictures and any content which raises awareness about sickle cell on our social media as well as the website.

There are a couple of ways we would also like you to join us create awareness:

The Hard Part… 1/2

A mother’s journey of hope and prayer in her son’s battle against sickle cell disease. Taking care of my son, a sickle cell patient about to receive a stem cell transplant, was a season filled with mixed feelings. Sometimes optimism, other times, despair. I was… Read More »The Hard Part… 1/2