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We are Sickle Strong and we wear our pain with pride
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Sickle Cell is NOT who we are!
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We are not statistics.
We are real stories, real battles.
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Big or small,
standing tall.

About us

Sickle Cell International Foundation was initiated in 2017 by a couple of thoughtful people who have battled and overcome sickle cell disease. The foundation aims to break the stigma behind the disease and reduce its mortality rate through advocacy and bridging quality health care through various resources.

Our Growing Impact

Get a glimpse of the communities and individuals that the SCINTF has been able to reach, in our three years of existence.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our patients and their families how they have been impacted.

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Those who believe in us

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to these organisations and service providers whose contributions have been so instrumental to our work at SCINTF. Our patients’ lives will benefit from your selfless generosity and they are deeply grateful.


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