Our Story

We are a nonprofit organisation made up of a dynamic group of people who have battled and overcome sickle cell disease whether as patients, caregivers or medical personnel directly involved with the disease.

Having endured the full ordeal during this time of living with sickle cell, we resolved to make life better for people with the same struggles and shed light on this disease that not many people were aware of or had the right information about.

In 2017, we started this organisation with the vision of reducing the morbidity and mortality rate of Sickle Cell patients through improved access to quality healthcare. We also set out to invest ourselves in activities relevant to holistic care, management and support of persons with sickle cell disease and their families.

Our desire is that our reach would go beyond Cameroon and into more African countries and beyond, all the while making more and more sickle cell patients’ lives easier and bringing awareness one person or community at a time.

Mission and Vision

Sickle Cell International Foundation seeks to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates of Sickle Cell patients by shrinking the prevalence and building communities of patients, caregivers, medics and many more who will all work to create value for each other.

Sickle Cell Disease is a hereditary and life-threatening condition that damages internal organs over time and affects the patients with bouts of pain crisis. This hereditary illness which lasts for all of one’s life takes an emotional, financial, and physical toll on the patients and their families.

Our Values


We govern with high ethical standards and best practices with courage to do what is right.​


We deeply care about the communities we create, the people we serve, and we look after each other.

Our Team


Meet our team of dynamic, dedicated people, who are working tirelessly to materialise these objectives / enact our vision?

Tchofor Dick Nchang

Nchang Dick is a health advocate and entrepreneur passionate about the use of entrepreneurship to bridge the gap in quality healthcare disparities, particularly for people living with sickle cell.
This passion stems from a confluence of life circumstances; being affected by Sickle Cell and a knack for entrepreneurship. His experience and zeal to learn enables him to build institutions of excellence.
At the organisation, Nchang oversees the strategy and execution of the mission. He does this by maintaining the foundation’s partnerships with socially responsible companies, expanding operations to serve patients and caregivers in the wider community, maintaining the patient database, keeping track of trends and progress of patient health records, and nurturing relationships.
Nchang is a recent graduate of the African Leadership Academy. At ALA, he Chaired the Student Government- pioneering activities across campus aimed at fostering community among its 200+ student body representing over 40 nationalities.
By founding a student enterprise aimed at ensuring no student sleeps hungry, he provided a solution to the growing need for lightweight meals after-hours as students studied at night. This led him to introduce a successful line of low-cost nutritious meals which ultimately became the highest grossing student enterprise.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of a couple of professionals who provide us with oversight, insight, knowledge, and medical expertise we need to effectively manage the foundation and our patients.

Allo Nicoline Ngwing, MPH

Allo Nicoline Ngwing is a Public Health consultant especially concerned with Sickle Cell case management and malaria case management.
Having served as a secondary school Biology teacher for a good number of years, she has also worked closely with the Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon.
She is passionate about following up people living with sickle cell; their nutrition, living conditions, environmental factors, and home management during pain crises.

Dr. Dharma Choudhary

Dr. Dharma is a renowned name with regards to Bone Marrow Transplant in India. He is currently the Senior Director and Head of the Bone Marrow Transplant Department at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.
Having worked in several medical institutions in India as well as Canada, he has been widely recognised for his versatile and patient-centric approach.
Dr. Choudhary is equally a Life Member of the Indian Society of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine.


Glory Mafor

Communications Department

Glory Mafor is a creative writer, editor, and communicator with interests in global communication and how it intersects with culture and social development. Through her work, she hopes to tell stories – hers and others’ – in a way that inspires people to own their story, be unique and live authentically. As part of the foundation, she is responsible for creating and curating our communication and content, and ensuring that our stories, both the organisation’s and our members’, are told positively and effectively.

Smrita Jain

Communications Department

Smrita Jain is a Creative and Experience Director, certified UI/UX designer. She is also an award-winning artist, photographer, poet, author and design educator living and working in New York City. Smrita’s art has been showcased in New York, London, and India. As a designer, she has worked for various companies including Google, JDRF, Tyco, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Ministry of Indian Tourism and Supreme Court Museum of India. She has won awards, amongst others, from American Graphic Design, Creativity International, Summit International Creative, London International Creative and Design Firms. Her other passions include animals, nature and photography.

Emmanuel Murairi

Communication Department

Emmanuel Murairi is experienced in Software and Web development. He uses his passion for technology and entrepreneurship to design tech solutions to solve problems and ignite the growth of businesses in his community.

At SCINTF, Emmanuel works with the creative team to design and maintain the organization’s website which serves as the central point of resources online.

Linh Nguyen

Data Department

Linh Nguyen is an economic consultant at NERA Economic Consulting in New York City. He is keen on learning and improving his data science skills through solving real-life problems. At NERA, Linh performs economic modeling and data analysis in a wide range of projects ranging from financial products, to corporate bankruptcies, to cryptocurrencies. Linh is also a valuable member of the foundation’s data and finance team, actively involved in building and running our databases, managing systems for data collection and member follow up.

Rachael Taylor

Funding Department

Rachael Taylor’s expertise is in office management and organizational development and she is passionate about working to help discover talents and untapped potential. She is originally from Nigeria, and living in the United States.

Rachel has worked within different levels of administrative support and fundraising. Most recently, as a virtual business development manager.

At SCINTF, Rachael is a vital part of the team that ensures the foundation has the necessary funding to run smoothly and facilitates partnerships with other organisations.

Esaya Daniel Abanda Tezo

Legal Department

Esaya Daniel is a Cameroonian general practice lawyer with much interest in real estate, corporate, finance, entertainment, and business organization laws. He also runs two private blogs and is enthusiastic about researching and writing. Daniel is also passionate about volunteering for humanitarian causes and has been a great addition to the foundation’s legal department. He believes that being a lawyer actually is about contributing to the regular functioning of society, ensuring that the latter respects the laws and the rights and liberties of everyone. He is currently a solo practitioner, based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


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