We would love to help even more Sickle Cell patients and empower their communities. Everyone should live to the fullest of their potentials. Your donation helps us to realise this vision. Each donation or sponsorship is greatly appreciated. Your care, your love, and your support counts. Thanks!

Provision Packs

Community Engagement

Care Packs


This constitutes of folic acid, analgesic painkillers or appropriate medication and soy beans which should cater to basic monthly needs.

To foster wellbeing through activities, get-togethers virtually or in person, share resources, invite opinion leaders and rekindle hope.

Covering the expenses during an episodic crises which includes hospitalisation, nutrition, transport, visits.

Reaching out to those in need and onboarding of new members with continued support.





While all credit/debit cards can be processed, PayPal however, does charge a 2.9% admin fee + $0.30 per donation. If you feel you are able to top up your donation to cover this, it will enable us to make sure that the projects we support receive the full benefit of your contribution.

Support us directly by money transfer

Sickle Cell International Foundation
Bank: Ecobank Cameroon
IBAN: 0200 1326 3097 8101


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